Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Hello, Here is todays inspiration and prayer. Change what you need to change.

Inspiration & Prayer for 2/5/12: Examine, seek, ask, give thanks, these are the things of prayer. Just as meditation is listening to God, Prayer is asking of God. In all things we need to do what Matthew 6:33 says, ” SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD………….” If we are not guided by God’s will for us we are going against what is good and true. We must see with our minds; believe in our hearts what we pray for is possible and of God’s will; and leave the results up to God.

“Dear Lord, who dwells within our hearts, keep us focused on love and charity when we pray. Keep us in our hearts in union with you, so that whenever we pray we are doing your will for us. Keep us away from our own selfish and earthly wants when we pray, and out of our will for us and others. We do not know what is good for us and what is good for others when we are out of focus of your will. Help us to pray for our church, our nation, and all your people. Thank you for the Blessings and Love you bestow upon us daily, we are nothing without you.” AMEN.

Love, Rev. Judith

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