Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration & Prayer for 3/25/12:

There are many ways to manifest your dreams, you can set Goals for the year and review them daily; you can make a treasure map; you can do affirmations. The most important key is to ask for the Lord’s will be done, “this or something better. We do not know what God’s will is for us and this is the best way I know to manifest my dreams. If it is not God’s Will we are better off not having it. “Let Go and Let God be God in your Life/”

“Thank you Lord for all the good in my life. When I long for something and it isn’t your will for me, give me your will. Thank you for the childlike mind of magic that gives me the power to dream, even though it is in your hands to come true. You are my God and I leave my dreams up to you, and my life up to you. Bless me with your presence and your love each day, even if I forget to ask. AMEN.”

Love, Rev. Judith

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