Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration and Prayer for 4-15-12:

Have you ever asked yourself, ” How could I be serving the Lord, all I do is take care of children, bake bread, or sweep floors and clean toilets?” We spend so much time “Doing”, and defining ourselves by our Doing. In focusing on the doing we are forgetting to spend time with the Lord in our Renewing, and as a result we get the idea it is us who is in charge of our lives. We lose that Union with Divine Love and Wisdom, and find ourselves floundering and nothing seems to be going right. When we spend time daily “Being” with the Lord and imbibe His Love, it is passed through us to those we serve in our daily lives. A baker who spends part of each day Being with and Loving the Lord passes that Love through his baking.

Khalil Gibran said in his book, “Sand and Foam” : “A love that does not renew itself each day, becomes a habit and in turn a slavery.”

Are you spending time each day with the Lord and renewing yourself or are you just in a habit of doing and becoming a slave? Think about it.

” Beloved Lord God, we ask for your presence this day and all days so that we may pass your love and renewal through our daily lives in all we do. Help us to renew our Union with you and serve you daily in our work. Keep us focused on your command to us to Love God with all our hearts and Love our brothers as we love ourselves. May we walk in Divine Truth, Love and Wisdom all the days of our lives. And in Union serve you with glad hearts.” AMEN

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