Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration & Prayer for 6-24-12:

When life seems at its worst, what do you do to overcome it? There are guiding steps we can take to overcome any kind of adversity. There are times when our family or friends are dealing with a life of struggle and we do not know how to help them. There are always steps that will help and they are giving it to the Lord, asking for His help and sitting with God in prayer. We need to recharged each day with God’s Love, Wisdom, Mercy, and Charity. As often as you can Pray throughout the day, and pray for others asking for God’s will for you and them. As you travel through the tasks of the weeks ahead remember to Pray for your denomination, your church, your family, your friends ,your self, and the departed.

“God, thank you for this opportunity to serve you and my community. Keep me from my will and help me do your will. Keep my mind and heart open to others viewpoints and ideas. Direct all of us to Serve You in Loving kindness, Wisdom, and Mercy. Thank you, Lord, for your daily care for us and for your forgiveness when we stray into self-serving actions and thoughts. Keep our hearts and minds focused on you, and Divine Right Action. AMEN.”

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