Bible Verse of the Day
You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your God, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.

Inspiration & Prayer for 9/16/12:

For inspiration this week I invite you to look at love from your own experience. What is the difference between your love for friends, family your mate, God? Are they all the same or are they different for you? What does love your neighbor feel like? Raymond Moody explains in his interviews that one of the common things that one who has an ” nde” is left with that the most important thing we leave behind is our love when we die….everything is not important on the other side….only the people we love and our concern for them. The interesting regrets are in the review of your life is needing to Love more. The rest, property, prestige, job, things do not matter. This is a good one to contemplate. How can I love more

“Dear God, thank you for all the people in my life. Give me the capacity to love all, friend and foe alike without judgment. Help me to love as Jesus loved with my whole heart. Help me to be compassionate and kind to all even those who do not like me and those I do not like. Let me serve you with a humble heart. Show me the way.” Amen.

Love, and prayers, rev judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

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