Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration & Prayer for 6/1/20013:

Today, as I was contemplating what would be inspirational for all of you that read this blog, I remembered a time in my life when I was involved with a group of people that were taking leadership training. Part of that training was directed by a 10th degree Ninjitsu Master. Without years of training we learned how to break boards! The first board we broke was done with our physical body strength(hand) and used the sound coming from deep in the belly(kiai). The board broke with such intensity using the base of the hand and the kiai.(physical power). Next we were directed to kneel sideways in front of the board which rested between two twelve inch square bricks. We were to raise our hand straight out from our shoulder, and when we knew (saw in our mind’s eye) that the board was not there in between the bricks(it was gone from the mind’s eye)then we were to drop our hand. I dropped my hand and the board broke! I was so shocked! I was filled with a power so strong that it filled my whole body in a rush! I stood up, said “All Right!” ,and slapped my hand on my thigh. Later when I changed clothes, I found a black bruise on my thigh 8” or 9” in circumference! This was the power of belief! “As you believe so it is.!”

So your inspiration this week is to look at what you believe in life, and choose those beliefs that work for you, and erase those that don’t! It looks like a lifetime of work!…… But think of the possibilities. What about you? Are you willing?

“ Holy Lord, Mother/Father God, help us to hold fast to the beliefs that we have in life that produce good works in this world. Help us to believe in your constant presence,your love for us, and in the great abundance and prosperity of your world which we shall receive if only we will believe it can happen. Help us to declare prosperity in all of our lives. Help us to focus and do with one pointedness all that is good, knowing that you are always with us showing the way. We are filled with gratitude for your loving presence each day of our lives. Amen.”

Love and Blessings, Rev. Judith

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