Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration & Prayer for 8/4/13:

For inspiration this week I was prompted to bring up being in the presence of God. Practicing the presence is being in quiet, focused on his living water. When i am in union with him, I am doing his will and my life reflects that ease of his love. I become the conduit through which his energy flows to others. I do not have to be an ordained minister for this to happen for God chooses us to be his servants in many different ways. So perhaps you would like to practice being in the presence of God this week. How do you practice? Care to share with us?

“Dear Lord of Hosts who is the supreme one of our lives, guide us in the way to be with you. Help us to become quiet in our lives and minds so that we may sit with you in communion. Lets us be the conduits for your living water that comes to all as a blessing for this day and all the days of our lives. Thank you, God, for the flow of love, comfort, enthusiasm, clarity, and peace you give us in your living water. Your Blessings abound. AMEN.”

Love, Rev. Judith

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