Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

Inspiration & Prayer for 9/1/13: “Meditation is not just a hobby. It is a lifeline, a discipline, a process, a state. It is the break I wanted from my head, and the way of reaching the source of my being.” From the Inside Out, by Margaret Simpson, Darshan Magazine #52 How is your meditation practice? Is it going well or is it almost non-existent? What would you like it to be? How much do you want peace of mind? How willing are you to meditate daily? The benefits are many…..peace of mind, clarity, understanding of ones own self, increased relaxation,…..and the list goes on. How would you like to be able to expand your capacity for love, compassion, learning, focus, and achieve your life’s purpose. Think about it. “Oh, God of the Universe, that watches over all no matter what our spiritual beliefs, help us to learn to be more disciplined with our time of meditation and prayer with you. Keep us strong in our desire to be with you daily. Show us how to be better citizens of this world, to develop more compassion for others, to share more of the love we have in our hearts for others. Help us to reach our life’s purpose, so we may serve with love in the work that we do each day. Keep our hearts and minds on our higher purpose rather than on the differences we see in our selves and others. Let us be more accepting of our own mistakes and the mistakes of others as we travel together along this spiritual highway. Keep our hearts open to your prompting and your correction. AMEN.” With love, Rev. Judith Reminder: You can make prayer requests here. Your comments are sent directly to me and I read then all……sigh even the ones that turn out to be spam. Thank you all for your constructive thoughts about the web site, and for all those who have told me how much the work supports you and helps you….I am encouraged to continue keeping this web site going. Blessings to each one……… M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

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