Bible Verse of the Day
Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.

To those who have taken the time to write to me, i thank you for your encouragement. I do not know any other language but english, so to those who have written comments in other languages, I have not understood them and deleted them. Can you please put your comments in english? There are those who have used this site to sell everything from knock out bags to cialis…..your submissions are marked as spam and deleted. What do you think this site is for? Let me be clear as to the content and opinions stated here….they are my thoughts and ideas on life and spiritual relationships. I started this site to foster empowerment for those of you that are struggling with life and its meaning. I have struggled too and share the information I gleaned from years of study and experience. If you read my bio you will get a lot of information about me. Recently I have not felt well enough to write many “Inspiration and prayers” for you. I will keep writing as I am able to do so.I just wanted you to know how Grateful I am for YOU, my blog readers! ALSO……submit your prayer requests here!!!!!!! INSPIRATION & PRAYER FOR MARCH26, 2014: Gratitude for what we have and the bounty that we receive from Mother Earth is really all we need to focus on each day. I was born here in the US and am so grateful for running water, and electric lights and all the conveniences of modern living, and yet, I remember when I was much younger appreciating small things like the smell of sun dried laundry, the joy of reading a book, cooking on a campfire, sleeping on the earth, sitting in nature and enjoying the beauty of a small wild flower, smelling the Pinion and Pine trees. How blessed we are to have eyes that see, and noses that smell, and hands that work, and legs that walk. I am rambling today. I just feel grateful for the gifts of life and the struggles that I have had. My Creator has always supplied what I needed and at just the right time. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? WHY NOT WRITE THEM DOWN IN A JOURNAL SO THAT WHEN YOU FEEL DEPRIVED AND DOWN YOU CAN READ YOUR JOURNAL AND BE LIFTED BY YOUR OWN WRITING. “Oh Holy One, we lift our hearts to you today to give thanks for all you have given us and for the quiet and beauty of our earth around us. We give thanks for the wildflowers that grow from the asphalt in the middle of no where. This lets us know that we can grow in spirit and health just where you have planted us. Help us to notice the beauty and plenty we have around us…the small things. Help us to be grateful for everything in our lives. AMEN” Lord Bless all our readers, for this is your Blog too. Thank you for the blessing of unlimited peace, grace, and love. Rev. Judith

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