Bible Verse of the Day
How great you are, Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears.

> Inspiration & prayer for 5/4/14: > > FORGIVENESS: > What are the qualities of forgiveness for you? Would you send me your ideas of forgiveness and what it means to you? > I can compile them and publish them on this blog so than we may all have a list to look at and use when we need them. > I have many situations where I could use a simple reminder to let go and forgive. > Instead I sometimes find that I hold on to old events and waste my time, my creativity, > and my life on Old Ideas! > Here are some of my list: > > Forgiveness is about letting go of pain so that we can move on. > > Forgiveness is about a chance to live a richer fuller life without > the limitations of pain and hurt holding us back from our highest and best life. > > When we forgive someone who has hurt us, we let go of the pain their hurt caused us. > > When we accept forgiveness from God, we let go of guilt, and shame. When we forgive ourselves, we let go of our mistakes, poor choices and our need to be the suffering Martyr. When we let go, we heal. Forgiving enables us to heal the psychological wounds so that we are free to move on. “Holy One, as we learn to let go and forgive more in our lives, help us to keep free from others judgment, opinions and lies that have bound us from growing in spirit. You are the ruler of our lives give us the strength to let go and guide us in our forgiveness process. Thank you, Lord, for each and every day of freedom from the past and for your loving grace as we walk into the future in freedom and joy. Let us express our true free selves just as you made us so that all may benefit from our forgiveness work. AMEN.”Love Rev. Judith. M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

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