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Inspiration & Prayer for 9/1/13: “Meditation is not just a hobby. It is a lifeline, a discipline, a process, a state. It is the break I wanted from my head, and the way of reaching the source of my being.” From the Inside Out, by Margaret Simpson, Darshan Magazine #52 How is your meditation practice? Is it going well or is it almost non-existent? What would you like it to be? How much do you want peace of mind? How willing are you to meditate daily? The benefits are many…..peace of mind, clarity, understanding of ones own self, increased relaxation,…..and the list goes on. How would you like to be able to expand your capacity for love, compassion, learning, focus, and achieve your life’s purpose. Think about it. “Oh, God of the Universe, that watches over all no matter what our spiritual beliefs, help us to learn to be more disciplined with our time of meditation and prayer with you. Keep us strong in our desire to be with you daily. Show us how to be better citizens of this world, to develop more compassion for others, to share more of the love we have in our hearts for others. Help us to reach our life’s purpose, so we may serve with love in the work that we do each day. Keep our hearts and minds on our higher purpose rather than on the differences we see in our selves and others. Let us be more accepting of our own mistakes and the mistakes of others as we travel together along this spiritual highway. Keep our hearts open to your prompting and your correction. AMEN.” With love, Rev. Judith Reminder: You can make prayer requests here. Your comments are sent directly to me and I read then all……sigh even the ones that turn out to be spam. Thank you all for your constructive thoughts about the web site, and for all those who have told me how much the work supports you and helps you….I am encouraged to continue keeping this web site going. Blessings to each one……… M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration & Prayer for 8/25/13:

Give your soul a break today! I invite you to let go of your……EXPECTATIONS! “When you give up your expectations about how others should be, you realize that what needs to be worked on is yourself. When you Perform your actions without expectations, you become a greater doer. As long as there is nature there will be days when it is calm and days when it is stormy. No matter how it is, when you expect nothing but to work on yourself all the time you move through this life without being pressed by anything except love.” ~ Gurumayi~ Think about it.

“ Dear Lord, our life director, help us to take a step of faith into’Trust’ today. to trust you with this day as our guide and mentor. Keep our hearts and minds only on your Grace and Love for us. Give our souls deep rest today. Help us to live in , divine contentment no matter what is happening around us. Let us have your Peace that passeth all understanding. Thank you, God, thank you. AMEN. Love, Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Dear Hollis, The information on this site comes from my education of many years, prayer and reflection. In order to know that something that is said it true I suggest that you take it to the Lord in Meditation and contemplation. ASk to be shown the truth of the statement. You will get your answers…..sometimes in a flash and sometimes it takes what seems like a long time…..wait for your answer. There will be a times when answers will come in stages as you grown in your spirit and your relationship with God. Many blessings on your journey with the Lord. Rev. Judith

Rev. M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

> Music for my Soul! What a wonderful experience! > Music lifts my heart and soul. So do other things > like the sounds of nature and the sounds of > familiar loved voices. > How does the music of your world affect you? > Have you thought about it recently? > One of the ways we can change our > state is through sounds…..what is > your favorite? Think about it. > > “Dear Lord, we lift our voices in praise of you, > singing to your glory! What a gift to our ears, minds > and hearts you have given us through music and > the sound of life. Thank you. > May we use our voices to add to the joy and peace > of this world through the words we use and the tone of > our voices. Help us to be ever mindful of the gifts of > voice and hearing . Let us be thankful for the > music of your world God. AMEN.” > Love, Rev. Judith. > >

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration & Prayer for 8/4/13:

For inspiration this week I was prompted to bring up being in the presence of God. Practicing the presence is being in quiet, focused on his living water. When i am in union with him, I am doing his will and my life reflects that ease of his love. I become the conduit through which his energy flows to others. I do not have to be an ordained minister for this to happen for God chooses us to be his servants in many different ways. So perhaps you would like to practice being in the presence of God this week. How do you practice? Care to share with us?

“Dear Lord of Hosts who is the supreme one of our lives, guide us in the way to be with you. Help us to become quiet in our lives and minds so that we may sit with you in communion. Lets us be the conduits for your living water that comes to all as a blessing for this day and all the days of our lives. Thank you, God, for the flow of love, comfort, enthusiasm, clarity, and peace you give us in your living water. Your Blessings abound. AMEN.”

Love, Rev. Judith

Inspiration & Prayer for 7/28/23:

Your inspiration this week is to find a place where you can be alone in silence and listen for the voice of God. Take your journal with you, and any books for inspiration you like. Write, pray, listen, Love Enjoy!

” Dear Lord teach me to take your Love deeply inside my being. Teach me to keep my focus on you. Let me be the observer only, of this world. Thank you for my soul’s rest and renewal each day. Gratitude fills my heart for all I have been given both good and bad. The good uplifts me and the bad strengthens me. My heart fills with love for all beings. Let me walk in deep peace with you knowing your love fills me completely. AMEN.” With Love, Rev. Judith

Inspiration & Prayer for 7/20/13:

This week I ave been focusing on rest and renewal of my spiritual life. What needs rest? What needs renewal? and What needs regeneration? Well, if you are anything like me and others I know, your life is very out of balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your being. Now is the time to take a vacation from the hustle bustle of the world, and do some self healing and reflection. I use sleep, meditation, inventories of myself, and prayer. I also change my eating pattern to one of lighter and more digestible foods like fruit, light soups, vegetables and protein,…leave out the bread and sugar.

Meditation works well for me to bring harmony and equipoise. I also get beautiful clarity too. Call it a mid- year check- up. I know where I wanted to go, and I see where I am now…is this where I wanted to be….off course? Time for reflection and prayer… to get back on track. What about you? Where do you need refocusing or renewal? Happy spiritual renewal vacation!

“Beloved Lord, thank you for the PROMPTING! We know that all things of evaluation and change come from you. Thank you for your guidance of us over the last six months. Please keep us close to you as we take a clarifying look at our lives. Help us to balance where we need to balance, rest where we need rest, and take action where we need to take action. We are grateful for the times of quiet, rest and renewal with you. Blessings abound… give rest to the weary, peace to the grieving, strength to the weak, focus to the scattered, understanding to the unsure, and love to all. AMEN.

Love, Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Direction

Inspiration & Prayer for 7/7/13:

I have been thinking about what independence means to me. During the July 4th Celebration across our nation as I watched the TV, It occurred to me that being monitored by our Government is nothing new. It has happened throughout our history whenever there was a war or threat of aggression. I felt sad for times past when faith in our government, and due process was a given.

Then I thought about what it means to be a Spiritual Being, and a child of God….who watches over us constantly. So what’s new? In one form or another we are watched and evaluated either negatively or positively. Isn’t this the Human Condition? For me freedom is in obedience to my Lord…to the best of my ability. When I am focused on God’s Will, not my will, freedom and independence are my lot in life. When I think I know better than God and decide to change things, or worry about things needing to change, I am out of sync with my Lord and everyone else….”If only you would change my life would be perfect”. I strive to do God’s Will daily in that is my independence and my freedom. What do you think? What is it for you?

” God, creator of all, as we walk through our lives with you, give us the understanding of how powerful a life of obedience and service to you is. Serving you, not out of slavery, but out of a willing heart. When we falter give us the strength to come to you with our circumstances. Help us to know the way you want us to go. Change us as your servants into loving, compassionate beings that love all your creations, animal, vegetable and human. We give gratitude for our lives and abundance this day, thank you for your bounty. Bless us with the clarity to understand you and our walk with you. AMEN” Love, Blessings and hugs, Rev.Judith , M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Do you know what happens, to wildlife when left alone from intellectual minds? It thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a forest.

And do you know what happens to wildlife when given just a little direction by intellectual minds? It still thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a rose garden.

And do you know what happens to wildlife when there is too much thinking? Yeah, what wildlife?

Wild thing, The Universe

For Cindy Gutfeldt:

And if I go, while you’re still here… Know that I live on, vibrating to a different measure