Bible Verse of the Day
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

Inspiration & Prayer for 6/9/13:

Our church believes in supporting other religions and other churches because we all are in the body of God’s Children, and find different roads to unite with God in Heaven. Do you support other spiritual beliefs in your friends? Do you in your mind think your way is the only way to worship and pray? We live in a Global society…How do you and your spiritual beliefs fit into God’s plan for our planet? Are you willing to support your brothers and sisters finding the road that leads them to “Oneness” in their faith? Am I supportive of others spiritual paths? Do I express love to my brothers by support? Think about it….ask for the truth to show itself….. The Lord will always answer you. Learn your own truth stance, and then support your fellows to find theirs.

“ Our wonderful and glorious Lord who knows our hearts better than we do. Show us the loving way to support our planetary brothers and sisters in their walks to you. We know such a little of other Faiths, help us to become more openminded in our walk with you and them. Teach us to be unconditional in our loving of ourselves and others. We truly want a closer walk with you. We pray for the enlightenment of our hearts, our minds, and our actions, so we can be better servants of God. Thank you, God for opening us to understanding and doing your will for all. AMEN.”

With Love, Blessings and a Hug, Rev. Judith

Inspiration & Prayer for 6/1/20013:

Today, as I was contemplating what would be inspirational for all of you that read this blog, I remembered a time in my life when I was involved with a group of people that were taking leadership training. Part of that training was directed by a 10th degree Ninjitsu Master. Without years of training we learned how to break boards! The first board we broke was done with our physical body strength(hand) and used the sound coming from deep in the belly(kiai). The board broke with such intensity using the base of the hand and the kiai.(physical power). Next we were directed to kneel sideways in front of the board which rested between two twelve inch square bricks. We were to raise our hand straight out from our shoulder, and when we knew (saw in our mind’s eye) that the board was not there in between the bricks(it was gone from the mind’s eye)then we were to drop our hand. I dropped my hand and the board broke! I was so shocked! I was filled with a power so strong that it filled my whole body in a rush! I stood up, said “All Right!” ,and slapped my hand on my thigh. Later when I changed clothes, I found a black bruise on my thigh 8” or 9” in circumference! This was the power of belief! “As you believe so it is.!”

So your inspiration this week is to look at what you believe in life, and choose those beliefs that work for you, and erase those that don’t! It looks like a lifetime of work!…… But think of the possibilities. What about you? Are you willing?

“ Holy Lord, Mother/Father God, help us to hold fast to the beliefs that we have in life that produce good works in this world. Help us to believe in your constant presence,your love for us, and in the great abundance and prosperity of your world which we shall receive if only we will believe it can happen. Help us to declare prosperity in all of our lives. Help us to focus and do with one pointedness all that is good, knowing that you are always with us showing the way. We are filled with gratitude for your loving presence each day of our lives. Amen.”

Love and Blessings, Rev. Judith

Inspiration & Prayer for 5/19/13:

“Inspiration is prompted by the love of God, prayer and our need to feel included in the life around us.” anonymous

I wonder What you think prompts….Inspiration? Think about it.

“Our Lord, thank you for the loving care you have given us each day, the ability to take steps to change for the good, and the power you give to us as we do your will in our lives. When we pray for others, help us to ask for Your Heart’s Desire for them and their lives. When we pray for ourselves, help us to pray for your will, and the delight that comes from following that will. Thank you for the joy of today. AMEN.”

Love is God’s creation, the whole And every grain of sand in it. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love the animals, love the plants , Love everything. If you love everything, You will perceive the Divine mystery In things. Once you perceive it, you will begin to comprehend it better everyday. And you will come at last to love the whole world with an all-embracing love. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

How often we have wanted to know how to grow spiritually in our Faith in and Love of God. What could make the road more clear than the words of Dostoyevsky , and with such clarity. How profoundly difficult without our God’s loving guidance and the regeneration that comes from it. Think about it.

“Oh,God, some days I feel like a “0” when it comes to following your guidance. I falter when I see the whole task ahead. Yet, if I take only today’s task, given to me through your will, it becomes one small act done with the heart’s devotion. It is simple and easy. Let us develop the virtue of loving all we are and do. With gratitude we pray. Amen”

Inspiration and Prayer for 4/28/13:

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

______Martin Luther King, Jr.

Where do you stand with regard to Mother Earth today?

“Dear God, who knows our thoughts and heartfelt dreams before we do, help us to stand for the regeneration of our planet however you will. Show us our tasks to create a better environment for us and future generations. Give us hearts of dedicated earth healers. We give thanks for the work you give us today and everyday. Thy will be done. AMEN”

Blessings, Rev Judith


In the hustle bustle around Easter and it’s deep meaning to all Christianity, have you ever taken time away to be alone and contemplate what it means to you and your life? This is an invitation to do just that today, Easter Sunday. Go by yourself to a secluded place and rest in the meaning of Today…. honoring to yourself and our Lord, Jesus Christ. Accept with gratitude the gift of today……

” Oh, Holy One, thank you for the deep pool of peace within my Heart. A place inside of me that I have whenever I need the solitude and solace of your peace and deep love. There are no words to explain my union with you within that peace. You know what is in my heart, for you know me and accept me just as I am, always. You paint the true picture of me in my mind to emulate and grow into. Thank you, Beloved One. You are indeed alive and blessing my whole life with your sacred presence. Let me not forget this beauty and union with you throughout the coming days, months and years ahead for they are the gifts of Saving Grace you have given to all. Amen.

With love, Rev. Judith

Inspiration and Prayer for 2/3/13:

This week I have been looking a fear. What is fear anyway? We hear the word and immediately it brings up past or present fears we have of some people, or places or things. It is our focus on them that makes them expand and eventually overwhelm us. The focus on our fears takes away happiness and love. We end up in a living hell made by our own obsession. This can easily happen in the current times we live in when many are in fear of losing their jobs, their homes, their necessities in life, and sometimes their lives. I love what Maya Angelou says about fear, “The opposite of Fear is Courage. One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true,merciful or honest.”

Fear takes away all that God intends us to be. Am I facing my fears and surrendering them to God or dwelling on them and making them worse?

” Dear Lord of our Hearts, help us today to rid us of those fears that keep us in bondage. Help us to be open to your prompting, and regenerating Grace. Keep us safe from the hells of negative thinking and actions. In our daily service to you help us to be positive, and affirming. Keep us from judgment of others and empower all toward good useful talents and lives. We give thanks everyday for all we have been given, for what we are able to give to others, and receive from others. Thank you. AMEN.”

Love, Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS.

Inspiration and Prayer for 1/27/13:

Today’s inspiration is you are invited to practice gratitude. Gratitude for things such as Swedenborgs’ writings and his birthday. A roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your belly, and our God. What are you grateful for? Why not write back on the blog and share it!

Precious Lord, who governs all things, teach us to be grateful for all we have in our lives both good and bad for they teach us and polish us according to your will. Give us the understanding that having gratitude is a precious practice, and expands our lives and hearts. Thank you, Lord for the wisdom shared by Swedenborg, and the other teachers in our lives. We are eternally grateful for all you bring us. AMEN.

Love, Rev. Judith

Prayer & Inspiration for 1/6/13:

This week is a spiritual rest week. Spend time by your self listening to the sounds of nature or the sounds of your own breath. Wait in silence for the music of the Angels that will communicate with you in their unique way. Have fun and write down your experience to read when you are not feeling so inspired. You might share with others the experience you had…..

“Dear God, who knows all and inspires the Angels, help us to communicate with you and our Guardian Angels being open to love and thanksgiving. Keep us focused on the the Divine Nature of our lives. Help us to heal the spiritual bumps, bruises and cuts of our earthly existence with the true spirit of harmony and light. Help us in our training as spiritual beings to learn the mystery of Divine Love. Keep us close to you and open a channel to our minds and hearts for the Angels to share with us. Let us be surround with Divine Light. Thank you, Lord, thank you. AMEN.” Love, Rev. Judith

PLease excuse the misspelling of the first line the word is set not sent. in the inspiration for this week. Thanks! OTHER COMMENTS: Bye the way, this is a spiritual site on the internet, not a sex toy site…Those of you that sent spam for this or anything else will be blocked. and the group that keeps sending comments about what should I believe….is it the same person that sends the comment word for word from at least five different email addresses or a group. either way as long as you have no idea what principles you run your life with, I suggest that you pick up a Bible, or other spiritual book that has self improvement as it’s intention, and use it to find out what you believe. Those of you that have sent wonderful, supportive or thought provoking comments I thank you for your input. Many blessings, Judith