Bible Verse of the Day
Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.

Dear Wilma, here it is. if it doesn’t fit, use something else. Thank you for your love and support throughout this year. Many blessings and love, Judith.

Inspiration & Prayer for 12/23/12:

To dear Ones that read this blog, I wish you the most wonderful Holiday Season, full of family, joy and laughter, but most of all I wish you Love. Your inspiration is to look at the Miracle of the Lord’s Birth, and how he has lightened up your life. Be love and inspiration to others this season.

Holy God, Thank you for the birth of your son in our lives. his love and light will sustain us through all of our lives even in times where we do not know if we will be able to feed and shelter our families. Lord, bless each of your children this year with peace, plenty, love, gratitude, and compassion for others. Help us to reach out to those who have so little to live on, those who’s future looks bleak, the homeless on the street, those who mourn, the ones with health problems. Help us to bring your light to them. Clear our channels of anything that keeps us from service to you. Thank you for the love and guidance you have given us each day. AMEN. Love Rev Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Comment: Probably i have to disagree with you, if you search in google, you can find info completely different what you said, so who should i believe?

Belief is an individual choice, and the right of each person. Why as me to decide for you? As your own inner self what is right for you. What do you want to believe ?

Rev. M. Judith Vandergrift,AA, BS, M-Div,

To those that had their hearts moved by today’s tragic events, the violent death of so many people and children, I ask you to pray in depth for a change in our world that permits this kind of insanity to continue. We each can pray for all involved and ask for peace, understanding of the perpetrator, forgiveness, comfort and real brotherly love in our world and nation. We must stop this violence on our streets, our country, our schools, and in our homes. Ask for the solution and how you as individuals can help. We need to pray for the poor, the homeless, the injured….and all people. The change we all desire for our homes, our streets, our cities, our country, and our planet begins with us. Change the violence in you and that change will affect the whole universe…as a pebble dropped in a still pond, your change in yourself will ripple throughout our world. Thank you for your individual efforts in prayer for others and in the changes you make in yourself. With many prayers and blessings wished for all of you. Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Some of you have wondered if the content of my blog is written by me or other folks. I write my own stuff, I do not take from other sites…too busy living life and ministering to those who need and want it. I do post a prayer and inspiration to two other sites which are not mine. One is the, and the other is sometimes posted on Circle Community’s web site. Thank you for your question. Have a beautifully blessed Holiday season filled with Love and Laughter….Prayer too! Blessings to all, Rev. Judith


Rev. M. Judith Vandergrift 12/2012

The Hush of early morning, dew on the grass & plants, light all around, silence touches the soul.

Gratitude for all that is our world, both good and bad. Each, a lesson unto itself, to hone the soul God’s heart felt wish for us.

The primordial sound of Silence, perfect Peace, gift of the coming of Light, birth of the Lord.

Be it, breathe it, see it, savor it, deep inside, Gratitude, Perfect Peace.

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS

Inspiration and Prayer for the week of 12/2/12:

This week is the start of Advent with the focus on HOPE. Sometimes do you feel like there is no hope? Do you wonder what you can do when you are feeling powerless and everything seems hopeless? There is one thing that we can do when we are feeling powerless and hopeless. We can help another human being by praying for them and we can help our- selves by praying to the Lord for us asking for an intuitive thought, a decision, or inspiration. God always has a plan for our lives and it is up to us to surrender ourselves to him letting Him guide our steps. Life runs in a smooth, peaceful flow when we listen to the Lord and let Him handle it. Try it , you’ll like it! , “Our Lord who has dominion over all in our world, help us to let go of our concerns for our life, and surrender the direction and care to you. Let us be listeners of your voice, and action takers of your plan for us. Having faith and trust in you and your wonderful care, we are able to have Hope for our future and peace in our lives instead of fear and chaos around us.Thank you for your peace, comfort, love and plenty in our lives. We are grateful for all that we have and the gifts you have bestowed upon us. Give us the power to follow you and to will carry out your will for us. AMEN.” Love, Peace and Hope, Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration and Prayer for 11/25/12:

Years ago, when I was first introduced to dream work. My teacher recommended that we create a dream journal and a dictionary of our dream interpretations. We would list the objects, colors, events , people, activities and keep a catalogue of our reactions to these symbols. Then later whenI was in seminary I took a course on “Dreams and Dream Interpretation”. Our Professor was Rev. Dr. Jeremy Taylor, an internationally known author,dream worker and teacher. Jeremy taught us that our dreams have many layers of interpretation to them. We each have a different dream interpretation when looking at the same dream. We are different in our experience, and the matrix through which we view the world. Because of that fact when we work together on a dream we can learn from each others interpretations. All sorts of stories, mythologies and psychological symbols can be used to interpret dreams. Through dreams we can grow mentally and spiritually. Have you ever thought of looking at your dreams as a way to grow spiritually?

“Beloved Creator, as we work to grow spiritually, direct us in the path to take. Show us continually the way. Thank you for protecting us, guiding us, and giving us your wisdom and grace to expand into the person you want us to be. May we always serve you with devotion and a whole heart. Show us how to be more understanding and comp- passionate with others. Lets us live with gratitude and love in our hearts. May we be a blessing to others and a good and faithful servant to you. AMEN.” Love, Rev. Judith

Inspiration and Prayer for 11/18/12:

This week I have been thinking about how tragic incidents in our lives teach us to be more than we have ever been before. How has a tragic event affected your life, and how did you grow from it? For me, profound changes have occurred in my life and the way I lived changed after a tragic incident. How did you change?

” Holy God, who knows our trials and tribulations before we do, grant us the deep understanding and growth that comes from walking through the tragic times. Keep us close to you everyday and comfort us when we despair over our lives. Give us your strength to face these tragedies and grow through them with love and understanding of ourselves and others. We are so grateful for your Divine Wisdom and Love you bring us Daily. Thank you,Lord thank you. AMEN.” With Love, Rev. Judith

“Inspiration and Prayer for 11/4/12:

This week our focus needs to be on Others. Those who are suffering due to Hurricane Sandy. We need to help out where we can with Prayers, and whatever we can give. But for the Grace of God go I. Whatever we are facing in life…..we can get through it together. We can do anything with a spirit of Unity of Purpose. Ask yourself “How can I Help?”

“God of all, who dwells in all life, help us to pray without ceasing for those have been injured, have lost their homes, have lost their loved ones, have felt a sense of powerlessness in facing the destruction. Comfort those who suffer, Heal their hearts, give them strength to walk through this valley time of their lives. Empower them with your Divine Love and Wisdom. Help us to listen to their pain with open hearts and ears. Give us the words and actions of comfort they need to hear and feel. Thank you, Lord, for their deliverance in this time of great upheaval. Bless them. AMEN.

Love, Prayers, and Blessings, Rev. Judith

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach