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> Inspiration & prayer for 5/4/14: > > FORGIVENESS: > What are the qualities of forgiveness for you? Would you send me your ideas of forgiveness and what it means to you? > I can compile them and publish them on this blog so than we may all have a list to look at and use when we need them. > I have many situations where I could use a simple reminder to let go and forgive. > Instead I sometimes find that I hold on to old events and waste my time, my creativity, > and my life on Old Ideas! > Here are some of my list: > > Forgiveness is about letting go of pain so that we can move on. > > Forgiveness is about a chance to live a richer fuller life without > the limitations of pain and hurt holding us back from our highest and best life. > > When we forgive someone who has hurt us, we let go of the pain their hurt caused us. > > When we accept forgiveness from God, we let go of guilt, and shame. When we forgive ourselves, we let go of our mistakes, poor choices and our need to be the suffering Martyr. When we let go, we heal. Forgiving enables us to heal the psychological wounds so that we are free to move on. “Holy One, as we learn to let go and forgive more in our lives, help us to keep free from others judgment, opinions and lies that have bound us from growing in spirit. You are the ruler of our lives give us the strength to let go and guide us in our forgiveness process. Thank you, Lord, for each and every day of freedom from the past and for your loving grace as we walk into the future in freedom and joy. Let us express our true free selves just as you made us so that all may benefit from our forgiveness work. AMEN.”Love Rev. Judith. M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

To those who have taken the time to write to me, i thank you for your encouragement. I do not know any other language but english, so to those who have written comments in other languages, I have not understood them and deleted them. Can you please put your comments in english? There are those who have used this site to sell everything from knock out bags to cialis…..your submissions are marked as spam and deleted. What do you think this site is for? Let me be clear as to the content and opinions stated here….they are my thoughts and ideas on life and spiritual relationships. I started this site to foster empowerment for those of you that are struggling with life and its meaning. I have struggled too and share the information I gleaned from years of study and experience. If you read my bio you will get a lot of information about me. Recently I have not felt well enough to write many “Inspiration and prayers” for you. I will keep writing as I am able to do so.I just wanted you to know how Grateful I am for YOU, my blog readers! ALSO……submit your prayer requests here!!!!!!! INSPIRATION & PRAYER FOR MARCH26, 2014: Gratitude for what we have and the bounty that we receive from Mother Earth is really all we need to focus on each day. I was born here in the US and am so grateful for running water, and electric lights and all the conveniences of modern living, and yet, I remember when I was much younger appreciating small things like the smell of sun dried laundry, the joy of reading a book, cooking on a campfire, sleeping on the earth, sitting in nature and enjoying the beauty of a small wild flower, smelling the Pinion and Pine trees. How blessed we are to have eyes that see, and noses that smell, and hands that work, and legs that walk. I am rambling today. I just feel grateful for the gifts of life and the struggles that I have had. My Creator has always supplied what I needed and at just the right time. WHAT ARE YOU GRATEFUL FOR? WHY NOT WRITE THEM DOWN IN A JOURNAL SO THAT WHEN YOU FEEL DEPRIVED AND DOWN YOU CAN READ YOUR JOURNAL AND BE LIFTED BY YOUR OWN WRITING. “Oh Holy One, we lift our hearts to you today to give thanks for all you have given us and for the quiet and beauty of our earth around us. We give thanks for the wildflowers that grow from the asphalt in the middle of no where. This lets us know that we can grow in spirit and health just where you have planted us. Help us to notice the beauty and plenty we have around us…the small things. Help us to be grateful for everything in our lives. AMEN” Lord Bless all our readers, for this is your Blog too. Thank you for the blessing of unlimited peace, grace, and love. Rev. Judith

To Jennifer, I have received your comments about the grammatical mistakes you have found in my writings. If you are so bothered by what you think are errors why not send the corrections you think will help my writing? I write from a meditative place and do not really care if there are errors. This is a blog not a book. I write from my knowledge and heart. . Is that all you do, go looking for errors or wrongs in the world? Sit in judgment of others creations, beliefs, and behaviors? So here is my challenge……..Prove to me that you know what you are talking about, then we’ll see if you really care or are just tearing down someone’s work for the sheer joy of feeling superior and arrogant. Rev j. Sent from my iPhone

M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration & Prayer for 10/27/13: Today’s inspiration suggestion is to inventory your plan of growth & care of yourself to the next year. What is still missing from your life. What have you wanted to do that you have let go of? How is your diet, your exercise plan, any travel plans? What would improve your life? “Lord of hosts, creator of all, empower me to look at my life and find where it needs balance and improvement. Keep me close to you and your plans for my life. Where I am not able to see clearly what is the best avenue to follow let me remember to put you incharge. “This or something better for everyone’s highest good. Thank you, dear creator, thank you. Amen ” Sent from my iPhonessSaturday: Breakfast: 1 oz oatmeal 8 oz yogurt 6 oz banana Lunch: 4 oz beef 6 oz pea 2 oz potatoes 8 oz salad-1 T oil & 1 T vinegar Dinner: 4 oz chicken 6 oz green beans 2 oz rice 6 oz salad- 1T oil& 1T vinegar 6 oz mixed fruit ____________________ Sent from my iPhone

This week I have been working on a quilt. A while ago we discussed how you can give your talents to the world through whatever creation or gift you have and the love you feel while you are doing it. It can be through cooking, sewing, baking bread, making your favorite cookies, fixing a car , drawing , painting , listening to someone, visiting a shut in or someone in the hospital , picking up trash along the side of the road, and so many other gifts! Just take what you love to do and do it ! You can even give it away! Try it, think about it and take action, it is fun!!! My first “Quilt of Valor”. Finished 10/18/13. It was a UFO ( unfinished object) given to me two years ago. I had to take parts of it apart and reassemble. It wasn’t but a few weeks ago that I realized that it was in the colors of a quilt of valor……thus redirected. Oh I love how it turned out, and I thank Lorna for her work on it and forgiving it to me. Quilting is a spiritual practice too. I am grateful to have had the blessing of it in my life. Love, Rev Judith Sent from my iPhone

For the last few weeks in my meditation practice I have experienced a profound peace and contentment. It finally arrived after relaxing and letting go of all expectations about how I was supposed to feel. Quietly with no fanfare, the state washed over me and filled me with such contentment. Have you expectations about how your prayer and meditation practices are to be? Are you trying too hard to get it right? The key to powerful meditations is to surrender your expectations and spend the time every day in the same spot, at relatively the same place in your home where peace and quiet can be found. Place a small blanket of natural fiber on the floor, or chair. ( White my preference ). Have a shawl to cover our shoulders. If you want you can have a candle, a beautiful flower in a vase, or a special object that represents peace to you as a focus point to look at at the beginning of your special time with spirit. Also you can have your spiritual books, pen and journal handy if you use them in your devotions. You can have music or chants in the background if you want, or chant songs or hymns that are peaceful for you. If you are a person who likes to be in nature, then do your devotions in your special spot outside. It is all up to you…..ask your heart what to do and be guided by that. Meditation and prayer practices develop over time so what is important is your devotion to them and your discipline to do them when things are good and bad. I hope this helps you to grow in your practice. For those of you that have complained about my spelling and punctuation…..oh well, sorry about that….I have no control over how these post…all I do is send them in to my website. I do read them and correct what errors I find. I see that they post without paragraphs, and most punctuation. Prayers: ” Holy one, Thank you for watching over our meditation and prayers each day. Help us to hear Your Voice so that we can be closer and more in-tune with You . Protect us and our meditations as we open to Your Love and Grace. Keep us close to You. Thank you for Your Peace that “passeth all understanding” and for the compassionate lessons you bring to our lives. Fill us with Your Love. Help us to serve our Brothers and Sisters in these Needy. times. Let us be generous in our sharing with others. AMEN.” With Love and Blessings, Rev Judith M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration & Prayer for 9/22/13: What is your hearts desire for your life? What do you really want mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually? Have you thought about it lately? What have you done in your life to change it? A small change in our behavior and actions can make a big difference in our lives and to those around us. What is it you would like to accomplish? Think about it and then check out Renaissance , to look at their Master Mind information. Each year I get a master mind journal for the year….I dally it will be very useful in making changes in your life, stacking up your wins, keeping you productive, and enhancing your spiritual life. I think that is pretty wonderful myself. Check it out! “Dear Creator of our universe, help us to be grateful for the daily gifts of love and compassion, clarity and understanding, peace and plenty, you give to us. Keep us close to you in our everyday actions. Help us to keep our promises to ourselves and others.Guide us in your will not ours. Let us be patient for answers to our prayers for ourselves and others. Your will be done. Thank you. AMEN” Love, Rev. Judith

Begin forwarded message: > From: “M. Judith Vandergrift” <> > Date: September 15, 2013 12:28:03 AM PDT > To: mjvpost <> > Subject: stuff > > HI to everyone who reads my blog. > I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you for your support and encouraging comments. This blog was started to encourage people like you to look at our spiritual lives, and maybe be encouraged in your life’s journey. > I cannot always answer all of your questions to me about setting up web sites and starting blogs, but you can always go to the WordPress like site and they will help you to start your own website and blog. > Prayer is an important part of our spiritual lives and so is meditation. Gathering together to support and grow our spiritual lives is so very important especially in these challenging times we live in. Supporting each other to > achieve our highest and best lives is what life is all about. Having the generosity to reach out to others with a word of encouragement, thanks or simply a smile is a way to live our lives with love and compassion for others. > I know that when I feel the most downtrodden in my life is when i need to get out of myself by reaching out to others, and by being grateful for what I do have. If I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food to eat > today….I am rich beyond measure!! What more do I need today? Now? Everything is good NOW! And it is the multiple NOWS of life that add up to years of contented and good living. > For those of you that worry abut my writing, etc….I do not always get the punctuation right in this blog, and I am sure I make spelling errors……it is the words of encouragement and prayer that are the real importance > of this site and my dreams for you all to have a place to come where you feel up lifted if you need it. > > “Lord, God of all, we join together today to ask for Peace on Earth, and Unity of all brothers no matter what our religion or spiritual practices are in life. We ask for the willingness to open to your prompting and to > follow that prompting for you have a design for our lives which is so much greater than anything we could imagine. We ask for blessings on every human being on our planet today and everyday. May we learn > your ways of generosity, empowerment, compassion, peace and love this day and for all days to come. Thank you God for your Love,Protection and Grace we are truly blessed. AMEN. ” With love, REv. Judith > > > > > > M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach

Inspiration & Prayer for 9/8/13: I have been thinking about the gift of speaking our word. What are we saying when we are in conversation with others? What energy are we fostering? What is our motive, and are we fostering love? From the movie “the Secrets of Jonathan Sperry” : “Scripture says the tongue is a fire full of deadly poison. One of the smallest parts of the body that can do the most harm.” “Be careful what you say, use your words to bless people not to criticize or gossip about them. It is easy to put people down anyone can do that, but you be different, stand up with your kindness. Show the love of Jesus in everything you say. In some cases what you don’t say.” Think about it. “Beloved Lord, give us the understanding of your compassion and love. Help us to keep our tongues in check using them only for good. Let us cease repeating negative thoughts and stories that only harm and muddy the atmospheres around people. Keep us mindful that labeling others and ourselves stay with us for a lifetime. Help us to be positive, loving and kind with the words we use adding to the peace of this world rather than the chaos. Thank you for the blessings of your teaching and love. Keep our hearts loving and free. AMEN.” Blessings to you, Rev. Judith M. Judith Vandergrift MDiv., BS, Spiritual Coach